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ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card – Good For Shopping

– This charge card is implied for the individuals who have issues with their FICO assessments. You needn't bother with a record as a consumer to get this card. (Sort of like a safe charge card)
– You can right away access this card against the security of settled store. The base settled store is 20,000 Rupees and must be kept for no less than 180 days.
– Charges for the past due intrigue is 2.49% every month and 29.88% yearly. In any case, intrigue might be charged on the off chance that you just make part installment or nil installment. On the off chance that the extraordinary has been forked over the required funds you won't be charged any intrigue.
– Zero yearly expense
– 2.5% fuel additional charge can be benefited for exchange up to Rs 4000 at HPCL pumps
– It can't be issued to minors and outside nationals

Focal points
– Ideal credit card for shopping.
– There is no joining expense or Annual charge for ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card.
– Subscribers of this card can profit Rs 200 off on film tickets each month.
– 15% rebate at driving eateries
– Points gathered can be utilized reclaim appealing endowments from determined focuses.


– The month to month charge is on the higher end however the card offers some alluring arrangements.


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